Saturday, June 7, 2008

mostly good

JoJo missed our 5pm rehearsal because he was hungover, so we kicked him out of the movie. Too bad for him. Khy played the stranger and also wore the blinking heart, but it was so bright on the bus, I don't think it showed up in the picture at all. Alden was brilliant again, and working with Khy was wonderful. The bus was extremely crowded this time, since this was a daytime shoot, and we almost got kicked off for filming. Luckily, Brett was there to talk some sense into the MATA people and got official oral permission from their public relations people over the phone, in the middle of the ride. He told us to just keep shooting and that it would all be fine, and amazingly, it was.
Since then, we've had a couple great rehearsals and a shoot with Claire, who is now playing Georgie. (Last summer, we had Jessica, but she stopped returning our calls, etc.) Claire has never acted before, but she's amazing! I think our shoots with her can only get better, and I can't wait.
Also, here are some photos from our May 15 shoots with Morgan and Michael Neimeyer as Newton Fig. The pictures were taken (mostly) by the lovely Laylee, who was our PA that day.

getting some cover shots as school lets out

neimeyer takes one (or 10) for the team and eats a mustard sandwich

laylee feeds me hot fries while my hands are occupied

mix it WHAT day?!

she's like a commercial!

i am either very pensive with my shot or trying not to laugh.


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ilu all

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Steven317 said...

I always forget how hands on everyone else art is. It's good to see y'all behind the set. Point-of-order: did you ever get that Art Wall video edited? I'll love to take a gander.