Monday, May 26, 2008

fallen through the cracks

After a very successful first shoot with Alden and Morgan on the bus the other day, we had less luck this morning. The shoot ended up falling through due to the memorial day bus schedule. We decided to shoot the scene on Friday instead. Khy will play the man with the blinking heart and Jo Jo will play the stranger.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

warming up

Last night was so hot that I had a hard time sleeping. I better get ready for the heat of the summer.
The movie is going well. We are shooting the Lilly Latchkey scenes with Alden (Linley's daughter) on Saturday evening and Monday morning. I'm excited about the scenes. Alden has been doing a great job in rehearsal and we also found some awesome props for her character.
We are rehearsing with Ms. Kitts today. Should be fun.
Tomorrow, we are shooting some closeups with Morgan at school. And the 'sea of heads.'
Also! After calling libraries at random in small towns in Mississippi and in Arkansas we have finally found a library with a card catalogue in Helena, Arkansas. Coincidentally, it is also the oldest public structure in its' county, so it's bound to be a pretty building. Apparently, the interior of the library is looks old-fashioned as well. We are driving to Helena on Friday to get the shot of Molly with the card catalogue, and we may scout it out as a possible location for the rest of the library scene. We may use Cossitt instead, though. Cossitt is apparently beautiful, though I have yet to go! I should probably go today.
So, things are slow and steady, and I think they will be okay.
Annie, Sally's puppy, chewed up my mic cable, but how can I even be upset?...She's just too cute. I'll have to get a new one soon. bleh.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

on a dead swan

To preface this post, I love animals...alot.

The dead swan has been on my mind a good deal lately. I just don't know what we should do. It's not like we would have had any part in killing the swan. This decoy maker just happens to have several swans in his freezer to take out when he needs a model for his decoys.

Would we still be able to say that no animals were harmed in the making of the film? it seems that we would, because we are just using a swan that is already dead. It's not like we would be supporting some dead swan industry. How would using a frozen swan be different from using a taxidermied swan (which is one thing we were considering before.) I don't think there is much of a difference.

I guess I should do more of a survey on whether or not using a real dead swan would be considered cruelty to animals. Alanna and I have always wanted to make a controversial film, but an animal cruelty controversy and PETA protest is not what we are hoping for.

Right now, I think that if we were to film with this swan, we would be using a small tragedy (the killing of a swan) for the good of a piece of art. A high and mighty statement, perhaps, but also, I think true.

Alanna and I need to talk about this a lot. We will keep all of you loyal blog readers posted. I really want to know what y'all think! Please use the comment box as a floor for a great debate.


Friday, May 9, 2008

swanin' around!

We had shoots at White Station this Wednesday and today with Ms. Regan's theater classes. The kids were great. Really funny and co-operative. Ms. Regan rocks. A lot of the kids signed up to be extras this summer, which really made me happy.

Alanna and I were really prepared for both shoots--shot lists, prop checklists, alarm clocks--the whole nine yards. None of the on-the-fly shooting that we did last summer. (Though, there is something to be said for that sort of shoot as well, of course.)

One of the reasons the shoots went so well was because of our PA the LOVELY MS. LAUREN DUNN! Lauren worked on a real movie set over her winter term, and she brought a ton of knowledge, humor, and calming energy to the set. We love her love her love her.

Other exciting news: UR A DUCK DECOY returned my call. I had called about renting a decoy to use as our dead swan. However, the man at UR A DUCK, suggested that we rent on of his REAL DEAD SWANS. He said he would freeze it, ship it, then we would thaw it for four days in the refrigerator. (But who the hell is gonna let us use their fridge?!?) Then we would use the swan in our scenes. It's neck and wings would be thawed and flexible, but its body would still be frozen. He suggested having a cooler on the set. Then, we would send the poor dead bird back to him.
I am not sure how I feel about this yet. It will also cost a good deal of our tiny budget. It would certainly look real, though...


Monday, May 5, 2008

things and things to do

Sometimes, it is hard to stay motivated through all of these trials and tribulations, but I am optimistic. We have been hard at work editing scenes with Coach Kumquat, Clover Fox, Mom, and John Beifuss. Of course, the illustrious Morgan Rose has been lighting up the screen. The gym class scenes, though shot in only a few stressful days are looking great. Markus Seaberry just does a great job as Coach Kumquat. We should probably work harder and stop taking so many breaks to drink Dr. Pepper.

Alanna and I have been milling around White Station most days after school, talking to various people to set up our shoot. We are planning to shoot there this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Ms. Regan and Mr. Mansfield have been ever-so helpful. Also, Sarah Fleming and Christopher Reyes are helping us with our shoots this week. They are the coolest!!! The many people who are so helpful and enthusiastic about this production give me great hope for its future.

The camera was the scariest purchases ever. AHHHHHHHHH! However, I can't think of anything I'd rather use my savings on than this movie. Maybe I should feed hungry children instead...shoot...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

alas, alack

yet another week of no shooting. will we ever finish this film?
WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT of course we will, katherine just ordered a sweeeeeet camera from b&h. $3000 is great motivation.
so we should be editing some more stuff tonight, hopefully. maybe we will post a scene soon? that is, if you are interested....

in other news, become our friend on facebook! it's the latest craze... duh!