Tuesday, May 20, 2008

warming up

Last night was so hot that I had a hard time sleeping. I better get ready for the heat of the summer.
The movie is going well. We are shooting the Lilly Latchkey scenes with Alden (Linley's daughter) on Saturday evening and Monday morning. I'm excited about the scenes. Alden has been doing a great job in rehearsal and we also found some awesome props for her character.
We are rehearsing with Ms. Kitts today. Should be fun.
Tomorrow, we are shooting some closeups with Morgan at school. And the 'sea of heads.'
Also! After calling libraries at random in small towns in Mississippi and in Arkansas we have finally found a library with a card catalogue in Helena, Arkansas. Coincidentally, it is also the oldest public structure in its' county, so it's bound to be a pretty building. Apparently, the interior of the library is looks old-fashioned as well. We are driving to Helena on Friday to get the shot of Molly with the card catalogue, and we may scout it out as a possible location for the rest of the library scene. We may use Cossitt instead, though. Cossitt is apparently beautiful, though I have yet to go! I should probably go today.
So, things are slow and steady, and I think they will be okay.
Annie, Sally's puppy, chewed up my mic cable, but how can I even be upset?...She's just too cute. I'll have to get a new one soon. bleh.

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